Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ruger SP101: A Thousand Rounds Later...

Hello. Four years ago I wound up with a NIB Ruger SP101 with the 3 1/16" barrel. Almost exclusively an S&W revolver shooter, I was not sure if I'd keep the thing or not, but do admit that there was sort of an "instant attraction" to the little .357 after handling it.

I shot it during a few range trips and then wound up doing an initial evaluation of the gun. Here's the link should anyone want it read it:

I also used it as one of the "test guns" when trying out Corbon's then-new .357 Magnum 125-gr. DPX ammunition:

Since those reports, I've continued to shoot the little thing off and on, but not with great amounts of ammunition each range session, but over time, my somewhat skimpy notes indicate that it has put at least another thousand rounds of 357 ammunition downrange.

This SP101 has been a reliable performer for not only me but thousands of other shooters since its debut.

If interested, here's report on the same SP101 and a few minor alterations I've had done to it: