Friday, April 22, 2011

First Shots: FNX9 Pistol

Hello. I recently tried out two different FNX9 9mm pistols. FNX is the successor to Fabrique National's FNP-handgun series. This polymer-framed, double-action semiautomatic sports frame-mounted, ambidextrous thumb safety levers, which double as decockers, and the pistol does permit Condition One ("cocked-and-locked") Carry for those preferring that option. Unlike the Hi Power, the FNX-line is manufactured in the USA.

The FNX9 has a stainless-steel slide-and-barrel assembly. On one pistol both were left "in the white" for a two-tone appearance. The slide/barrel assembly had been somehow coated black on the pistol. (Other than "looks", these pistols performed equivalently.)

Here is the dark version of the FNX9 semiautomatic pistol. The thumb safety ("on safe" in this picture) can be applied whether the hammer is at full-cock, in the "hammer drop position" (as shown in the photo) or fully foward. The hammer can also be cocked with the thumb safety applied and the slide can be hand-cycled as well. The only time that the pistol must be off-safety is to fire it! Certainly, it can be carried with the hammer down for a DA first-shot and the safety off, but for those preferring to do so, the safety can be applied and disengaged during presentation as is done by practicioners of the single-action autoloader. Barrel length is 4".

FN advises that these pistols are sighted-in for a dead-on hold at 20 yards.

Primer strikes were positive and reasonably well-centered. There were no failures to fire whatsoever in over 1000 shots fired in 5 separate range visits, including this one.

Previous to todays shooting session, this particular FNX9 had digested roughly 700 shots of various commercial ammuntion. With today's 320 shots, that count is now over a thousand with no failures of any sort.

In my opinion, the pistol has the potential as a viable choice for those desiring a reliable and lightweight polymer-framed autoloader for either home defense, concealed carry or both. (The pistol is larger than some expressly intended for clandestine carrying, but this pistol can be concealed with little effort and appropriate clothes selection.)

There are features I really like with the FNX9, but it has some I find distasteful as well. For those interested in a more detail and lengthy report, follow the link below:

Best to all and good shooting.