Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Federal 230-gr. Hydrashok: Failure to Expand

Hello. A friend of mine recently popped a fair-sized feral hog using a 230-gr. Federal Hydrashok fired from his Glock 21. He and another fellow had tracked the animal after a different man had wounded it with a rifle.

Tracking it into thick brush, my friend shot the animal from approximately 20', striking it behind the right shoulder. It was down but not "out" and still kicked a bit and moved it jaws. A shot to the head ended that.

The Hydrashok JHP didn't expand.

If striking bone, a JHP can clog and fail to expand. This one did not. My friend advised that only tissue was removed from this Hydrashok's hollow cavity. (Photo by Ken Wengert)

For anyone interested, a more detailed account is here: