Friday, June 25, 2010

Chicago Plans if Their Handgun Ban Falls & Opposing Kagan

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It is people like these that make it necessary to continue fighting for what is supposed to be a Right. Frankly, I see those like Richard Daley as a personal enemy, not just “someone with a different point of view.” He and the trash like him are intent upon destroying the Second Amendment, but you can bet the farm that he will never be deprived of arms or his entourage of armed bodyguards. Daley, Bloomberg, et al, are demonstrated “elitists”. In other words, what applies to us is not necessary for them. They see themselves as being better able to make the important decisions for us all, but the hell of it is that “We the People” made a pretty clear “decision” with the drafting of the Second Amendment. Actions like these show that they intend to “interpret” any judicial ruling as best serves their arrogant elitist attitudes regardless of that ruling’s obvious intent.

Likewise, The Kenyan’s choice for supreme court justice, Elana Kagan is no friend to the Second Amendment, either. She has stated in the past that she does not believe owning firearms is an individual right.

Please contact your senators, asking them to oppose Kagan as a supreme court justice. Next week, the US Senate’s Judiciary Committee begins talks on it. We do not want this anti-gunner on the high court.

Here’s an easy way to locate them:

Do not lose faith and never, ever give up.

If we don't oppose them, who will?