Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Met Up with an Old Friend...

...from the 1980's and my early years in the tactical unit!

This lightly personalized Mk II was the first Hi Power I was "officially authorized" to carry for both regular duty and tactical call-outs when the police department I worked for allowed autoloaders. (Prior to that, I had sometimes carried a Hi Power under my uniform jacket but that was not much in Texas weather.)

I wound up selling this Mk II and others (mistake) when the Mk III made its debute. Recently I got an opportunity to revisit and photograph this old thing for a project I'm involved in and thought I'd share a picture or two and a tiny bit of this pistol's "history".

This one has not kept good company. It "visited" with two armed robbers, one bank robber and more meth and crack dealers than I can honestly remember, but it never had a "conversation" with any of them; it never needed to; they complied with police orders and never threatened me.

If interested, a little more about the gun can be had here: