Thursday, February 03, 2011

FEG Hi Power Information Site

I am frequently asked about FEG-manufactured Hi Power "clones". My experience with these pistols is limited. I have seen a couple that were sold under the Mauser name, but they were actually manufactured by FEG, just as Browning Hi Powers are manufactured by FN. These pistols sported a polished bright blue finish and were as nice as any FN-manufactured Hi Power I've ever seen. I have seen some FEG Hi Powers that appeared finished with more utilitarian military/police type finishes. The few that I have shot over the years have been satisfactory with the exception of one of the so-called "Counterfeit Hi Powers" allegedly manufactured by FEG, but with FN-markings. Supposedly, these were sold in the Mid-East. The one I shot found its way into the US from S. Africa. It was a typical classic style fixed-sight "Vigilante" model. It was reliable, but groups were much larger than the 3" averages at 25 yards from most other Hi Powers. Other FEG Hi Powers I've shot (had FEG markings) shot as nicely has the FN-made Hi Powers.

For people interested in FEG's, I recommend this site:

It is the best I've seen in providing detailed FEG Hi Power information.